Drumming it Dhunn’s way

About Dhunn - The Drum Circle

Team Dhunn is the best in India for delivering high-energy musical experiences that spread joy and happiness.! It has engaged audiences in India, Bangkok, the United States of America, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, and Italy both offline and online. They have delivered sessions for more than 1 lakh people at weddings, corporate events, and other occasions.

Team Dhunn is all about creating exceptional musical experiences for its clients. Whether it’s a Drum Circle, Boomwhackers, Bucket Jam, or Human Percussion,  no matter the circumstance, Dhunn always provides the best.

From conducting small sessions in offices to going huge, literally conducting sessions for as many as 1000 people. Dhunn is a team made up of not just three people but everyone connected to it. Even if you have just been with us in one of our musical teamwork activities, we get you on our team!! Our goal is to awaken everyone to the power of music and the musician within every one of them.

We are more than just rhythm and beats – Our musical team-building activities, including Drum Circle, Boomwhackers, and Bucket Jam, go beyond just providing fun and engagement. We always strive to instill valuable lessons and skills in our sessions, using the beat to bring people together and create lasting teamwork and harmony.

Meet The Team Dhunn

Dinesh Patole

Dinesh Patole, a master musician can play over 20 different instruments with ease. He has played with renowned bands and appeared on Kappa TV and McDowell's No.1 Yaari. With a wealth of knowledge in music, he has shared his life experiences on the TED stage, inspiring audiences. Dinesh has conducted over 300+ musical team-building sessions, always aiming to give participants an unforgettable experience.

Preyas Kansara

Preyas Kansara, a small-town boy from Killa Pardi, Gujarat, fell in love with music at the age of 10. Although he holds a degree in Computer, he chose to follow his passion for music and is now a full-time musician. With his expert skills in playing percussion instruments, Preyas has played with numerous bands across India. He's dedicated to providing participants with the best possible musical experience, always striving to give them a true feel of the art.

Kapil Chhajed

Kapil Chhajed, a Pune native, after spending 36 months in the corporate banking sector, decided to take a leap of faith and pursue his true passion in music. Starting with just a drum circle, Kapil and his team have continuously added unique elements such as Boomwhackers, Bucket Jams, and Human Percussion, transforming Dhunn into a one-of-a-kind musical experience.

Nilesh Gaikwad

Nilesh Gaikwad is a self-taught musician who has been immersed in the world of music for the past decade. Despite only having an 8th-grade education, Nilesh's passion for music has driven him to become a skilled keyboard player and a teacher of the craft. Nilesh has been an integral part of the Dhunn project since its inception and has been a witness to its evolution and growth. His dedication to music has not only inspired those around him but has also helped shape the unique experience that Dhunn provides.